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Chess Squares – Easy and Irresistible

Chess Squares are an easy variation of Chess Pie, with a buttery shortbread crust and a sweet chess pie filling. They’re made from just a few simple ingredients, so they’re easy to make and taste divine! Here’s the thing about Chess Pie, which leads to this recipe for Chess Squares. The recipe comes from simple ingredients that …

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Easy Polenta Recipe

This easy polenta recipe is creamy and cheesy and bakes in the oven—no stirring required! Here’s what I don’t understand about polenta: How is it that Southerners never discovered this dish? We do everything imaginable with cornmeal—bake it as cornbread, fry it as hushpuppies, use it as breading or thickener—how did we never cook it …

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Southern Style Cornbread and the Great Debate

My husband is my biggest fan in the kitchen. He loves almost everything I cook, and when he doesn’t love something he’ll still eat it and say, “But I appreciate that you cooked it.” However, he will not eat my cornbread. This is clear evidence that our taste buds are profoundly affected by memory and what we …

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