Fudge Pie

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Why I love this Recipe!

Fudge pie made with cocoa takes about 10 minutes to put together and 30 minutes to bake into the most delicious pie you've ever had!

Pie crust - refrigerated or homemade works bestSugarCocoaButter - unsaltedFlourVanilla

Ingredients You'll Need:

Step 1. Start by melting ¾ cup of unsalted butter in a large bowl in the microwave. Let that cool for just a few minutes, then stir in 1 ½ cups granulated sugar.

Step 2. Use a hand mixer or whisk to dissolve the sugar, and keep in mind the sugar won't dissolve completely until baking. The mixture will feel slightly grainy, which is perfectly fine. Step 3. Add ⅓ cup all-purpose flour, ⅛ teaspoon salt, ⅓ cup cocoa, 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract, and 3 eggs to the sugar. Beat or whisk all together until batter is smooth.

Step 4. Pour the batter into a 9-inch pie crust and bake at 350° for 35-40 minutes or until center is almost set. Step 5. Remove pie from oven and place on a cooling rack. The top should have a slight crust and there may be a few cracks here and there.