25 Southern Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Even though folks try to claim the bird as the reigning hero, everyone knows the real favorites of the holiday are the Southern Thanksgiving side dishes, from buttery mashed potatoes to our favorite green beans.

These Southern green beans are flavored with bacon and cooked low and slow until tender. They’re the perfect Thanksgiving side dish for your table.

Southern Green Beans

This recipe has the best thick and creamy flavor, just like you might find in a Southern country kitchen. You will love these smothered in gravy or loaded with butter.

creamy mashed potatoes

An epic meal like Thanksgiving dinner needs a variety of great flavors. Make this Southern-style cornbread to add a traditional classic to your bread basket.

southern cornbread

Dive into the ultimate comfort food experience with our creamy and irresistible Macaroni and Cheese recipe.

mac and cheese

Everyone loves roasted asparagus, but adding parmesan cheese to it makes it just the thing for holiday meals.

roasted asparagus parmesan

Pear salad is such a simple yet unique option to bring to your table. Your family will love seeing this classic dish make a comeback!

pear salad

Brussels Sprouts with Lemon and Bacon

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