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Herb butter slathered on a turkey ready for roasting.

Herb Butter

Herb Butter is easy to make and is a great way to add flavor to roast turkey, steak, fish, or even pork. You can vary the herbs for different flavors. This recipe uses sage, thyme, and rosemary, as well as several different spices.  What is herb butter Herb butter or compound butter is made of …

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A white bowl of classic beef chili topped with grated cheese.

Easy Chili Recipe

Easy chili recipe with canned beans, ground beef, onions, and tomatoes. This recipe is simple and basic with pantry ingredients. It's the perfect classic chili to put on the table on a busy weeknight! I love chili of all different kinds, don't you? I like the spicy Chili Without Beans that my family prefers, but …

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This spicy roasted cauliflower is flavored with smoky cumin and chili powder, taking it from bland to bold and flavorful!

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower

This spicy roasted cauliflower is flavored with smoky cumin and chili powder, taking it from bland to bold and flavorful! I think I've mentioned a few times on this site how we love roasted vegetables—it's almost the only way we eat them. And anything can be roasted: onions, squash, peppers, green beans...the roasting process adds …

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Easy Black Bean Soup in a white bowl garnished with cilantro and salsa.

Easy Black Bean Soup

Easy Black Bean Soup made with canned beans and pre-chopped mix of onions, peppers, and celery. Healthy dinner on the table in less than one hour! Do y'all remember when those round containers of Soup Starter mixes first came out? I imagine it was in the late 70s, early 80s. I used to beg my …

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How to Make Enchilada Sauce

Authentic Mexican enchilada sauce for beef or chicken enchiladas with a richer, more intense flavor than canned enchilada sauce. Last week I made beef enchiladas for a friend and for David and me. They quickly became one of our favorite meals thanks to this authentic Mexican enchilada sauce. Most recipes for homemade enchilada sauce start with …

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Easy Ribs

Easy Ribs

Easy ribs baked low and slow in the oven with a barbecue rub. These are fall-apart tender and so easy! Your family will love these ribs! There are few things better than ribs cooked all day in the smoker, low and slow with applewood chips, until they fall off the bone and fill your palate …

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