We’re having another wedding! Sweet Caroline is marrying Brian in just a couple of months on September 20, 2014. Caroline came into our lives about four years ago and our whole family fell in love with her. She is as extraordinarily beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and the kindest, most authentic, and most honest person you could ever meet. 

And her mom’s family is from Swainsboro, so it doesn’t phase her that we come from the country! We couldn’t be more excited to make it official.


Brian and Caroline met while at school at Georgia Southern University. One year Brian went on spring break with several of their mutual friends while Caroline was unable to go. One of their friends decided that Brian and Caroline would be a great match so he introduced them.

They didn’t start dating right away, but once they did they became inseparable. I knew something was different when Brian called me from college and said, “Mom, I’ve met this girl and I really like her. She’s not like anyone I’ve ever known before. And she really gets me.”

So of course, Malorie and I stalked her on Facebook and couldn’t find anything wrong with her. And once we met her in person, we knew that she was something special. Fortunately, my son is very smart and he has managed to convince her to stick around.


Our last family wedding took place October 19, 2013, and I’ll be posting some pictures from that momentous occasion soon. Shortly after Malorie’s wedding, on a bitter cold November evening, Brian proposed to Caroline at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. He recruited his brother, Casey, to hide and take pictures.

Casey arrived early but the pre-agreed upon spot wouldn’t suffice so he had to surreptitiously move to a new spot while avoiding Caroline. Casey sat in the 29° cold for about two hours! But it all worked.

Caroline was surprised and thankfully, she said yes! The groom-to-be did get down on one knee but he was down and up so quickly the photographer missed it.

engagement pictures

These two are so perfect for each other. They balance each other, they are kind and considerate to each other, and they adore one another. It’s incredibly sweet to witness. Here they are dancing at Malorie’s wedding. I love these two pictures…joy radiates from their faces. If you are lucky enough to find love in your lifetime that makes you look like this, don’t ever let it go. It’s a rare and precious thing.

Each one has fit right into the other’s family as well. We adore Caroline’s parents…and the best part is they live in Augusta, which is where Malorie and Gavin live. So now we have another Augusta connection. What a small world!

family at the braves

We love Gavin’s family too and our hearts are full and grateful for the wonderful families we’ve been blessed with from both of our new in-laws. It’s a fun and exciting time to watch life unfold for our children as they get married and begin their own lives separate from ours. As David likes to say ALL the time, Life is Good.


Congratulations, Caroline and Brian! We love you both to the moon and back and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

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