Once upon a time, there was a little princess who lived with her beloved mother and step-dad in a land far, far away.

The princess was a big sports fan and loved the Atlanta Braves.


One day, the princess announced to her mother that she would like to have a little brother or sister.

Her mother said, “I don’t think so!”

Then the little princess made the same request to her daddy, and of course we all know how daddies are. So the daddy searched and searched and searched until finally he found a lady with two little boys who needed a big sister.

The dad went back to the princess and told her what he had found. She said, “Does she know how to make grilled cheese?” He said, “Uh…I believe so.” Then she said, “Does she know how to make macaroni and cheese?” And he said, “I think so.” Then she said, “Does she know how to make brownies?” And he said, “Yes, definitely.”

And the little princess said, “Ok, we can keep her.”

And suddenly, the little princess was a big sister.


She worked diligently to fit in with her new family.


As the years passed, the princess and her brothers had many adventures and became the best of friends.


Her mother sent her to Social in Augusta, an organization that teaches young ladies how to dance, how not to snort their drinks when laughing, and how to comport themselves with grace and dignity. The little princess learned to dance and…well, she learned to dance.


Soon, the princess graduated from high school. Everyone was very proud.

27Copy of Mal, Brian and Casey1

She wanted to go to college with the Braves, but since that wasn’t an option she did the next best thing and became a Georgia Bulldog.


There were a few glitches along the way…


But before they knew it, she graduated from college and was ready to join the working world as a nurse. Everyone was very proud.


Not content with just nursing, she joined a band.


As a music lover—and he might have played in a band or two himself—the princess’ dad was very proud.


Still not content, the princess decided to further her education and become a nurse anesthetist. So she got herself a pretty Michigan-Yankee roommate and they commenced to studying ’round the clock—with the help of important study aids, of course.


Not wanting life to be all about studying, she managed to fit in some fun times.


As multiple friends began to marry, the princess soon became a bridesmaid…again and again. She was a beautiful maid-of-honor for her sweet, beautiful best friend.


The princess dated some nice young men, but when she presented them with her proudest scholastic achievements, they just shook their heads in puzzlement and asked for another beer.


There was evidence and a good deal of whispered speculation (mostly from the brothers) that she was destined to become a crazy old cat lady who lived alone and cackled to herself over her own chemistry jokes.


One evening, the princess was out celebrating the impending marriage of one of her friends when she ran into this guy at a bar:


“Gavin?” she asked… “Malorie?” he queried… “Yes! it’s me!” And just like that, a spark was tendered. As it turned out, he was her old chemistry partner from high school—who passed the class by cheating off her paper, but that seems irrelevant now. He became a Bulldog too, just not the right kind. But that’s also irrelevant. Because this one majored in bio-chemistry at the Citadel and when he saw her favorite chemical equation…



Bells rang! Balloons drifted into the air! Everyone toasted…and then held their breath to see what would happen next.

And here’s what happened.

They soon became inseparable.


And then he did this…


And now they’re GETTING MARRIED!


To be continued after October 19, 2013…

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  1. That is the sweetest most thoughtful story I have ever read! Your gift of word blesses all in your world.
    Congrats to Mallory and Gavin and all the families!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!