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Beverages can add so much fun to your gathering! Whether it's Southern Sweet Tea or an alcoholic punch, or simply cocktails or mocktails, you always want to have a good selection of drink recipes around.

A glass of super green smoothie with a pink straw and an orange on a cutting board.

Super Green Smoothie

This refreshing Super Green Smoothie is made with lots of fresh spinach, a navel orange, and either mango or pineapple, along with flax seed and chia. It's nutritious and the perfect pick-me-up or morning energy boost! If you're into smoothies you probably have a favorite recipe or two. We usually have a berry smoothie in …

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Sweet Tea Southern Style

Sweet Tea just the way Granny made, with lots of real sugar and brewed tea. Sweltering...there's just no other way to describe this summer so far. This morning it was 80° before the sun came up. And muggy. That's what we have here in Georgia—muggy, heavy, humid air that feels like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. …

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